Now accepting applications for our current litter!

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BestDogos is a Dogo Argentino breeder based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Each puppy is carefully matched to its potential owner. All of my Dogo Argentino puppies have a health guarantee. Please feel free to contact me for your next Dogo Argentino puppy. I can fly puppies across the United States, and hand deliver your new puppy to you.

The Fighting Dog of Cordoba was the base breed for the Dogo Argentino. The Fighting Dog of Cordoba was a cross breed of English Bulldog, Bull Terrier and Mastiff. The dog was vigorous and strong but lacked the ability to act as a family dog, as well as lacking the ability to hunt in a pack.

Now Accepting Applications!

I am currently accepting reservations for my current litter. These puppies have a magical combination of excellent working ethics and drive and at the same time absolute temperament stability. They will add years of joy to their future owners.

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Dogo Argentinos are courageous and intelligent. They are sociable dogs who find happiness in being treated as a companion and becoming part of family activities. They have a strong protective instinct and bonds firmly with those they consider to be family.


Dogos have an excellent hunting instinct, having been bred to hunt big game. They have a high tolerance for pain and will hunt with great endurance and a stubborn will. They make excellent dogs for police and military.


This breed has a natural intelligence and domineering tendency. They can be trained for competitive obedience. Because of their need to be active, they need to be socialized and trained from an early age.


Dogos are loyal and make a strong distinction between family and strangers. They are loyal and courageous with a strong protective instinct. They are good with children and would also make excellent therapy dogs.